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1Intro to BIOMAAP - Student Introduction 1Intro to BIOMAAP - Student Introduction - Teaching Notes


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1Hayley Orndorf (University of Pittsburgh) 1Jayme Dyer ()
2Jeremy M Wojdak (Radford University) 2Jayme Dyer ()
3Arietta Fleming-Davies (QUBES; Radford University)   


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1<p>We highly recommend starting out the semester with this activity, so that students understand the purpose of the activities and how they can benefit from them. The presentation introduces the idea of math anxiety, gives students an example of one of the techniques used in BIOMAAP (metacognition), and presents some of the expected benefits to students.</p>  1<p>I used this resource as-is. Included are my teaching notes.</p>
2  2  
3<p>If you do end up sharing this presentation with your department or other colleagues, we would love to hear from you!</p> 3<p>Note: the teaching notes (Word doc) covers both an overview of how I implemented several BIOMAAP resources in my course, as well as how I implemented this particular resource.</p>
   5<p>Here are my notes for Intro to BioMAAP:</p>
   7<p>The powerpoint took about 20 minutes to go through in class. I did not change the Powerpoint at all.</p>
   9<p>The 18x5 activity was engaging and helped students realize there are many ways to process a math problem. It gave us a language to talk about approaching math problems &ndash; that doing math isn&rsquo;t just about getting the &ldquo;right answer&rdquo;, it&rsquo;s also about thinking about how we do the math. This was a useful conversation for introductory-level students. We referred back to this concept repeatedly throughout the course.</p>


1 file — ./Intro to BIOMAAP Student Introduction/BIOMAAPstudentintro1.2with18times5.pptx 1 file — publication_786_1351/Intro to BIOMAAP Student Introduction/BIOMAAPstudentintro1.2with18times5.pptx
2 file — ./Intro to BIOMAAP Student Introduction/BIOMAAP_wordcloud.png 2 file — publication_786_1351/Intro to BIOMAAP Student Introduction/BIOMAAP_wordcloud.png
3 file — Teaching_Notes_BIOMAAPstudentintro.docx