Population Genetics

M. Drew LaMar
October 26, 2016

From Agent-Based Models...

In agent-based models, we modeled the

  • behavior (processes in the form of rules)

of many

  • individual agents (objects in the form of agents and patches),

and measured the resulting

  • emergent system properties (output).

...to Population Models

In population models, we model the

  • changes (processes in the form of equations)


  • populations (objects in the form of state variables)

and measure the resulting

  • system behavior (output).


Definition: Evolution is the process of change in the gene pool.

Population Genetics and Evolution

Question: What are the major forces of evolution?

Answer: There are four major forces:

  • Natural selection
  • Drift
  • Gene flow
  • Mutation

Population Genetics and Evolution

Our goal is to develop models of individual forces and explore them to develop expectations of evolutionary behavior.

Let's follow the ODD protocol, even though it was designed for agent-based models.

Purpose: To understand the effects of natural selection in the absence of all other evolutionary forces.