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Megan A. Jones created this post

R script for combining site-month NEON data files

This link takes you to the Code Resources page with the Super Easy R Stacker Script For Beginners, with only 3 lines of code -- and now, no need to mess with file paths -- is to help non- or early-R users combine the NEON site-month data that is downloaded from the NEON data portal. 

This R script allows you to combine multiple months & sites of NEON data downloaded as a .zip file from the NEON data portal (  

This script is only for NEON data products that are delivered as zipped folders of .csv files (most OS and IS data products but not AOP data products). 

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Resources for working with NEON data.

This collection includes a few tools and links to help work with NEON data. 

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Megan A. Jones