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Biobyte 1 - Where are we in the data science landscape?

By Sam S Donovan

University of Pittsburgh

This short activity can be used to introduce the NAS Data Science For Undergraduates report's definition of data acumen and engage participants in a self assessment of how they connect with those 10 data science concepts.

Listed in Teaching Materials | resource by group Data Science in Undergraduate Biology Education (DS-UBE)

Version 1.0 - published on 06 Aug 2019 doi:10.25334/03VE-VK77 - cite this

Licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International according to these terms

Conway_diagram.png biobyte_logo_large.png example_scale.png NAS_report_cover.png


This 30 minute large group activity is designed to help learners think about how data science principles and practices connect with undergraduate biology education. It introduces several definitions of data science including the description of data acumen provided in the National Academy of Sciences report on data science for undergraduates. The activity involves mapping the 10 key concepts involved in developing data acumen onto several scales (e.g., confidence in my skills, interest in building my skills). Participants do this individually and then compare their maps with their neighbor's. 

There is a discussion forum where you are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas for how to use these materials and make them better.



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This is version 1 as presented at the 2019 BioQUEST / QUBES Summer Workshop titled, “Evolution of Data in the Classroom: From Data to Data Science”.

Data Science in Undergraduate Biology Education (DS-UBE)

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