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AIM-UP! GIS and bats lesson

This lesson introduces the use of GIS (geographic information systems) in the study of biological questions, using bats as the model organism. This activity requires access to GIS software.

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Version 1.0 - published on 22 Jan 2018 doi:10.25334/Q40Q2B - cite this

Licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International according to these terms


This activity uses records of bat specimens at the Museum of Southwestern Biology collected from Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The activity does require GIS software and was written for an introductory GIS course that uses ArcMap. There are two files attached at the bottom of the page. The AIM-UP Module 2 - GIS and Bats contains the instructions for a vector analysis activity. The Bernalillo County Bat Records contains the bat specimen records for the activities. The Module Feedback is an evaluation form that we ask you email back to us at This activity also requires downloading data from the internet and contains the instructions for that.


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