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Resources: Teaching Materials

  1. Exploring HIV Evolution

    Exploring HIV Evolution

    2017-06-05 20:10:58 | Contributor(s): Sam S Donovan, Tony Weisstein

    In this activity you will study aspects of sequence evolution by working with a set of HIV sequence data from 15 different subjects (Markham, et al., 1998). You will first learn about the dataset, then study the possible sources of HIV for these...

  2. Needleman - Wunsch Algorithm Exercise

    Needleman - Wunsch Algorithm Exercise

    2017-06-05 20:09:17 | Contributor(s): Michael Sierk

    This exercise is used in a sophomore-junior level bioinformatics course. The algorithm is introduced to the students who then complete the exercise.

  3. RNA-seq Analysis

    RNA-seq Analysis

    2017-06-05 20:07:13 | Contributor(s): Bill Morgan, Matthew Reeder

    In this computer lab module, students learn how to process an RNA-seq data set to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs). The samples for this data set were collected from yeast cells expressing either a control gene or a pathogen...

  4. EREN PFPP Species Composition Curriculum Module with Data

    EREN PFPP Species Composition Curriculum Module with Data

    2016-09-29 12:58:50 | Contributor(s): Rachel Collins, Jerald Dosch, Kristine Hopfensperger, Karen Kuers, Erin Lindquist, Charles McClaugherty, Tim Menzel

    In this lab, students will learn foundational concepts of forest community dynamics and apply quantitative skills to data analysis and interpretation activities. Students will use tree plot data from the PFPP project database of EREN (

  5. Test Database

    Test Database

    2016-06-28 18:54:28 | Contributor(s): Michael Drew LaMar

    Test abstract

  6. PPS


    2016-05-07 17:01:42 | Contributor(s): Sam S Donovan

    I guess this is required

  7. A Direct Experience Study of Density-Dependent Growth

    A Direct Experience Study of Density-Dependent Growth

    2016-05-04 14:41:20 | Contributor(s): Glenn Ledder

    An experiential approach to density-dependent growth using a checkerboard, 6-sided die, and two types of markers.