Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Practices (OEP) are the basis of the QUBES community. OEP communities are built around a shared interest and desire to continuously improve and share resources and tools. In open source software communities, users are also developers. In a similar vein, QUBES users are invited to share their adaptations to existing educational resources through our publishing process.

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Partner Products

QUBES partners bring a range of resources to the community including teaching modules, powerpoints on tricky topics, and datasets. Resources from QUBES partners are available on their websites for you to adopt and adapt in your classroom.

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Collections are both a community driven set of resources and a tool used by our groups and members to share resources found not only on QUBES, but across other sites as well.



QUBES hosts various software that can be run in the browser without having to worry about any installation on your local machine. Faculty can now have students run free modeling and statistical software using customized activities and datasets made by you.

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