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Math Bench Probability and Statistics: Basic Rules of Probability

By Dr. Kaci Thompson1, Dr. Kären Nelson1

1. University of Maryland

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Licensed according to this deed.


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  1. Hayley Orndorf

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I am reviewing this module as a biology student, and I will discuss the level of participation for the student within the module. I enjoyed that on the majority of the pages there were questions to test my knowledge along the way. The questions are generated directly from the topic that was covered (Ex: The rule of "and" in probability). Also, there is always one hint, and sometimes multiple hints available to point you in the right direction instead of merely providing the correct answer. This interaction helped to keep me engaged because I was immediately applying what I was being taught. 

    One concern I have is the use of the module with students who are focused on completion. I am unsure of how the module could be assessed as an activity, as all the answers are made available.  It may be a difficult resource to use with students who already know this material very well, or who are more motivated by completion than participation. 

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