ODD Description of the BEFORE Beech Forest Model

By Steven F Railsback1, Volker Grimm2

1. Humboldt State University 2. Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research

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This is a supplemental resource from Agent-based and Individual-based Modeling: a practical introduction by Railsback and Grimm (2012). This is an ODD description of the BEFORE beech forest model, from section 18 of the book.

This document describes the BEFORE beech forest model described in Section 18.3. It is taken from an appendix to:

Jakoby, O., Rademacher, C., & Grimm, V. 2010. Modelling dead wood islands in European beech forests: how much and how reliably would they provide dead wood? European Journal of Forest Research, 129: 659-668


Rademacher, C., Neuert, C., Grundmann, V., Wissel, C., & Grimm, V. 2004. Reconstructing spatiotemporal dynamics of Central European natural beech forests: therule-based forest model BEFORE. Forest Ecology and Management 194:349-368.

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