Marriage Model (with errors)

By Steven F Railsback

Lang Railsback & Associates



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This resource has been updated - find the current version here:

Model formulated and implemented by S. F. Railsback

This model is loosely based on the marriage age model of:   

Billari, F. C., A. Prskawetz, B. Aparicio Diaz, and T. Fent. 2007. The "wedding-ring": an agent-based marriage model based on social interactions. Demographic Research 17:59-82. Available on-line at:

However, this model is different from the model of Billari et al. in many important ways and should not be compared to, or treated as equivalent to, their model.

This NetLogo implementation intentionally includes some programming errors as a software testing exercise!! This program is completely independent of the software used by Billari et al.

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