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  1. A Laboratory Class Exploring Microbial Diversity and Evolution Using Online Databases, the Biology Workbench, and Phylogenetics Software

    29 Sep 2015 | Teaching & Reference Material | Contributor(s): Sarah Boomer, Kelly Shipley, Bryan Dutton, Daniel Lodge

    Students assemble and align bacterial datasets using DNA information downloaded from the National Center for Biotechnology Information website and Biology Workbench.  Specifically, they compare unknown original DNA sequences (from, in our case, hot spring communities) to a backbone of...

  2. Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC)

    27 Mar 2015 | Teaching & Reference Material

    This resource has been updated - find the current version here: online journal focusing upon generally-applicable studies of cell biology. From the journal:  MBoC publishes research articles and essays that report...