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  1. Grassy Narrows and Muskrat Falls Dam: Hypothesis Testing and t-Tests

    28 Jul 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Alida Janmaat1, Pete Kaslik2, Randall LaRue Moser Jr, Kevin David Simpson, Heather Susanne Zimbler-DeLorenzo3

    1. University of the Fraser Valley 2. Pierce College 3. Alfred University

    Students are introduced to concepts of hypothesis testing using elementary hypothesis tests, t-tests, and p-values as they compare a given fish population for methylmercury levels (using real and...


  2. Using Grassy Narrows in a Live Classroom with Clicker Questions and Interactive Histogram: Sampling Distributions, Probability, and Hypothesis Testing

    24 May 2022 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Jonathan Andrew Akin

    Northwestern State University of Louisiana

    Students are introduced to concepts of sampling distributions, p-values, and hypothesis testing. Using both simulated and real data for methylmercury level in fish populations, students will...