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  1. Coding Club: A Positive Peer-Learning Community

    22 Apr 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Gergana Daskalova1, Sandra Angers-Blondin1, John Godlee1, Izzy Rich1, Beverly Tan1, Declan Valters1, Haydn Thomas1, Pedro Miranda1, Gabriela Hajduk1, Kat Keogan1, Isla Myers-Smith1, Kyle Dexter1, Christina Coakley1

    University of Edinburgh

    Free and self-paced tutorials and courses for learning to code out of the University of Edinburgh

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  16. Jennifer Lyon Adler

    I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Maysville Community and Technical College in northeastern Kentucky. I teach a wide variety of classes such as anatomy & physiology, microbiology,...

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