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  1. Amanda Lynne Bonilla

  2. Jun 20 2019

    Application Deadline: Project EDDIE Module Development Workshop 2019

    The application deadline for the Project EDDIE Module Development Workshop 2019 is August 25, 2019. If you are accepted for the workshop, you will be asked to complete a registration form to...

  3. Avida-ED presentation: Context Dependent Fitness

    07 Jun 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Maren L Friesen, Andrew M Jarosz

    Avida-ED exercise showing adaptation to contrasting resource environments illustrating that the fitness of different genotypes depends on the environment.

  4. Daniel Proud

  5. Diversity Derailed: Limited Demand, Effort and Results in Environmental C-Suite Searches

    Collections | 07 Nov 2018 | Posted by Alycia Crall

  6. Figure of the Day - Teaching Notes - Boersma

    01 Jun 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Kate S Boersma

    University of San Diego

    Teaching notes from my application of Figure of the Day in my BIOL305 Ecology lecture course for biology majors.

  7. Introduction to R Course

    05 Nov 2018 | Teaching Materials

    Free Introduction to R Course at DataCamp

  8. Lea Shanley

  9. Mahshid Khavari

  10. Marja Bakermans

    Marja Bakermans received her BS in Biology from Bucknell University and MS and PhD in Natural Resources from The Ohio State University where she focused on the ecology and conservation of...

  11. PLANT Talking Points: Economic Botany - how we value plants...

    10 Oct 2015 |

    This resource has been updated - find the current version here: a world where the plants of the planet are harnessed to help its inhabitants find sustainable solutions for some of their most pressing needs...

  12. Oct 28 2019

    Project EDDIE Module Development Workshop 2019

    This 2.5-day face-to-face workshop will focus on participants designing flexible EDDIE (environmental data-driven inquiry & exploration)teaching modules that pair scientific concepts and...

  13. Quandl

    Collections | 13 Oct 2016 | Posted by Drew LaMar

  14. The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations

    Collections | 07 Nov 2018 | Posted by Alycia Crall