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Tags: environmental science

Members (21-40 of 58)

  1. Helian Joel Ratsirarson

  2. Isabelle Darling

  3. Jamal Uddin

  4. James Greig

  5. Jan Simpkin

  6. Jay Owen Sandal

  7. Jeannette Dumas

  8. Jennifer Lyon Adler

    I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at Maysville Community and Technical College in northeastern Kentucky. I teach a wide variety of classes such as anatomy & physiology, microbiology,...

  9. Joan Petersen

  10. John Zobitz

  11. Joseph Mario Battistelli

    I am teaching faculty in the Department of Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University. My research was on the distribution of ammonia oxidizing and nitrite oxidizing bacteria in engineered systems...

  12. Joy Buongiorno

    Environmental microbiologist, geobiologist, and educator.See website for more details:

  13. K Rebecca Thomas

  14. Kaite Anderson

    I have  a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology  and a Master of Science degree in Ecology/Wildlife Biology. I spent 5 years paddling kayaks and driving boats around on the...

  15. Kalai Ramea

  16. Kathleen Johnson

  17. Katrina Rabien

  18. Kelly M Knight

  19. Lyndsey Kathleen Hagy

  20. Madison Whitehurst