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  1. Sep 27 2016

    2016 ASM M(icro)OOCs: Improving Microbiology Students' Quantitative Skills

    The fall 2016 ASM M(icro)OOCs Course is a four-part webinar series, sponsored by ASM and QUBES focuses on increasing quantitative biology in undergraduate education. Each of the four 60-minute...

  2. Jun 19 2016

    2016 National Academies Special Topics Summer Institute on Quantitative Biology "Lowering the Activation Energy: Making Quantitative Biology More Accessible"

    Modeled on the National Academies Summer Institutes, the Quantitative Biology Summer Institute (QB SI) is presented by BioQUEST, Science Case Net and QUBES.  This will be a working meeting...

  3. Oct 21 2015

    NIMBioS Working Group: Unpacking the Black Box

    The goal of this working group is to synthesize educational research on how students learn mathematical, biological and interdisciplinary skills, collect information on effective pedagogical...