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Tags: Herpetology

Members (1-16 of 16)

  1. Alan H. Savitzky

  2. Lilly Eluvathingal Linden

  3. David Marsh

  4. Russell L Burke

  5. Jacob Curtis LaFond

  6. David Laurencio

  7. Anant Deshwal

  8. Andy Adams

  9. Oliver Hyman

    Courses: Organisms (BIO114), Ecology and Evolution (BIO124), Teaching in Biology (BIO492), Foundations in Biology I (BIO140), Foundations in Biology II (BIO150), Foundations I Lab: DNA...

  10. Tiffany Marie Doan

  11. Hinrich Kaiser

  12. Heather Heinz

  13. Jennifer Lamb

    I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). In January 2017 I will begin teaching biology as an Adjunct Instructor at the Pearl River Community College...

  14. Carola Haas

  15. Kristen Genet

    I am an ecologist with interests in community and landscape level phenomena, particularly as they apply to conservation and management of amphibians and reptiles.  I obtained my degrees from...

  16. Sarah A Knutie