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Tags: mathematical modeling

Members (1-20 of 40)

  1. Brynja Kohler

  2. Mauricio Cruz Loya

  3. Daniel J. Teague

  4. Wandi Ding

  5. Jason Paul Gauthier

    Jason Gauthier is in his eighth year as a K-12 Mathematics Education Consultant for the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a graduate...

  6. Emek Kose

  7. Carol Wu

  8. Leslie Nabors Olah

  9. Elizabeth Hamman

    Quantitative Marine Ecology Postdoc I'm a quantitative population & community ecologist who mostly works in marine and aquatic systems. I'm currently a postdoc in the math...

  10. Thomas Sebastian Nuhse

  11. preeti dubey

  12. Tom Helikar

  13. Karen Bliss

  14. Brian Borchers

  15. Martha Gregg

  16. Ron Buckmire

  17. Gareth E Roberts

  18. Kun Gou

    Dr. Kun Gou is an assistant professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University-College Station in December 2012. He worked...

  19. Melinda Knapp

  20. Melinda Knapp