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Tags: mathematical modeling

Members (21-40 of 40)

  1. Ricardo Cortez

  2. Danilo Diedrichs

  3. Rikki Wagstrom

  4. Jessie Oehrlein

    I'm an applied math/atmospheric science PhD candidate at Columbia University interested in K-16 applied math ed.

  5. Robert E Furrow

    Contact: refurrow AT ucdavis DOT eduI have recently started as an Assistant Professor of Teaching in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at the University of California, Davis. I teach a large...

  6. Kathleen Snook

  7. Anita Schuchardt

  8. Ami Radunskaya

  9. Paul E Kehle

  10. Ben Galluzzo

    I am an applied mathematician in the Institute for STEM Education at Clarkson University. In addition to teaching math, I focus much of my attention on developing approaches for incorporating math...

  11. Courtney Leigh Davis

  12. Jason Douma

  13. Rachel Levy

  14. Jan Minton

  15. Doug Norton

    I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Villanova University. I incorporate the Biological Sciences in my graduate courses in Dynamical Systems and...

  16. John Zobitz

  17. Alex Capaldi

  18. Matina Donaldson-Matasci

  19. Tony Sena

    - M.S., COMPUTER SCIENCE (Distributed and Parallel Computing), from Northeastern University, Boston, MA- M.S., EARTH SCIENCE (Parallel Computing applied to Geophysics), from Massachusetts Institute...

  20. Erin N. Bodine

    My interest in environmental issues and the biological sciences led me to pursue mathematical biology/ecology which allows me to explore biological phenomenon through a mathematical lens. My...