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Tags: mathematical modeling

Members (1-20 of 40)

  1. Alex Capaldi

  2. Ami Radunskaya

  3. Anita Schuchardt

  4. Ben Galluzzo

    I am an applied mathematician in the Institute for STEM Education at Clarkson University. In addition to teaching math, I focus much of my attention on developing approaches for incorporating math...

  5. Brian Borchers

  6. Brynja Kohler

  7. Carol Wu

  8. Courtney Leigh Davis

  9. Daniel J. Teague

  10. Danilo Diedrichs

  11. Doug Norton

    I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Villanova University. I incorporate the Biological Sciences in my graduate courses in Dynamical Systems and...

  12. Elizabeth Hamman

    Quantitative Marine Ecology Postdoc I'm a quantitative population & community ecologist who mostly works in marine and aquatic systems, and will be starting at St. Mary's College...

  13. Emek Kose

  14. Erin N. Bodine

    My interest in environmental issues and the biological sciences led me to pursue mathematical biology/ecology which allows me to explore biological phenomenon through a mathematical lens. My...

  15. Gareth E Roberts

  16. Jan Minton

  17. Jason Douma

  18. Jason Paul Gauthier

    Jason Gauthier is in his eighth year as a K-12 Mathematics Education Consultant for the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a graduate...

  19. Jessie Oehrlein

    I'm an applied math/atmospheric science PhD candidate at Columbia University interested in K-16 applied math ed.

  20. John Zobitz