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  2. Alden B Griffith

  3. Anna M Tucker

  4. Anne Gallagher

  5. Brian Winkel

    Brian Winkel earned his degrees in mathematics (BS, MS, PhD) in 1964, 1967, and 1971, respectively, with his PhD from Indiana University in Noetherian Ring Theory. While teaching in his first...

  6. Carlos Arregui

  7. Carrie Diaz Eaton

     Director of Partnerships and Communications, QUBES  Associate Professor of Digital and Computational Studies, Bates CollegeOther Acronyms: SMB, MAA, PRIMUS and CourseSource

  8. Dawn A. Tamarkin

  9. Ehren Whigham

  10. Eric Dyreson

  11. Jan Minton

  12. Jory brinkerhoff

  13. Joseph Eason

    I am a mathematical biologist am interested in spatial ecology. I have done research bu writing mathematical models of ant territoriality investigating information use and decision making by ant...

  14. Kate S Boersma

  15. Katie Bjornen

    I'm a biologist teaching at the University of Montana Western. My interests include avian behavioral ecology, population genetics, and community ecology. I am passionate about encouraging...

  16. Michelle Lewis

  17. Nathan Gibson

  18. Nick Galt

  19. Paola Barriga

  20. Robert Newman