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Tags: pedagogy

Members (1-12 of 12)

  1. Adeline Yong

  2. Anant Deshwal

  3. Eduardo J Gonzalez

  4. Elleanor Pangilinan

  5. Ellen Bledsoe

  6. Kathleen Seiler

  7. Kirsten Rowell

  8. Makenzie Mabry

  9. Mark O. Martin

    Short version: Husband, father, educator, researcher, moderate libertarian, and always a microbial supremacist!Long version: born in Compton, California, raised in Long Beach, California. Attended...

  10. Melissa Csikari

    I currently work at HHMI BioInteractive in outreach and content development.  My focus at HHMI is to improve science education in undergraduate introductory biology courses.Prior to...

  11. Nicole Chodkowski

    Contact infomation: nc526 "at" cornell "dot" edu Dr. Nicole Chodkowski has been a QUBES postdoc since January 2018. Her primary mentor is Jeremy Wojdak at Radford...

  12. Shailly Anand