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  1. Teaching Cancer Biology Through a Lens of Social Justice

    04 Nov 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Yarid A. Mera1, Benjamin L. Wiggins*2

    1. Seattle University 2. University of Washington

    The biology classroom is not separate from the greater context of society; social issues can and should be presented in connection with the content. Here we present an example of antiracist...

  2. Laurel Lorenz

    I teach CUREs and an Introductory Molecular Biology course at Princeton and have multiple research interests. My molecular biology research interests are in how the protein, Piwi, allows stem cells...

  3. Gregory John Crowther

    Lab researcher turned A&P instructor. Interested in transparent summative assessments, as facilitated by approaches such as Test Question Templates (TQTs).