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  1. Jan 17 2015

    Sam's Test Workshop

    This where the description goes. Some HTML seems to work.

  2. Jan 07 2015

    QUBES: Bringing improved quantitative education to more undergraduates and faculty (Speaker: DorothyBelle Poli)

    Vision and Change stressed the importance of quantitative skills for the future of science in the United States. In response to this plea, biologists and mathematicians came together to discuss...

  3. Jan 06 2015

    QUBES: A Tool for Resources, Research, Mentoring, and Community in Quantitative Biology Education (Speaker: DorothyBelle Poli)

    Quantitative biology is a focus area for educational reform specifically mentioned in the national document “Vision & Change”. Modern, real-world science requires biologists to be fluent in...

  4. Jun 20 2014

    QUBES Hub: A vision of online collaboration in teaching and learning in quantitative biology

    Poster presented by Bob Sheehy, Radford University

  5. May 07 2014

    QUBES Consortium (Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis) RCN-UBE

    Principal Investigators: Carrie Eaton, Mathematics, Unity College, Unity MAM. Drew Lamar, Biology, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VADorothybelle Poli, Biology, Roanoke College, Salem...