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  1. A great model to follow....

    14 Dec 2015 | Posted by Jeremy M Wojdak

    Here at QUBES we are trying to build a community of users that are excited to contribute and add their expertise, working together to solve the big problems we all face in quantitative biology...


  2. Making instructor/student handouts in R

    01 Dec 2015 | Posted by Jeremy M Wojdak

    There was an excellent post on lukemiller.org about using R and knitr to make handouts/lab assignments/documents integrating R code, R output, and narrative text.  Click that link to...


  3. Flowing Data

    22 Sep 2015 | Posted by Kristin Jenkins

    FlowingData (http://flowingdata.com/) is described by the blogger Nathan Yau as follows: FlowingData explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis,...