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  1. Jan 01 2016

    ESA Data Discovery Faculty Mentoring Network

    The Ecological Society of America (ESA) and QUBES are pleased to offer a second networking and professional development opportunity from January to May 2016 for faculty interested in bringing...

  2. Oct 21 2015

    NIMBioS Working Group: Unpacking the Black Box

    The goal of this working group is to synthesize educational research on how students learn mathematical, biological and interdisciplinary skills, collect information on effective pedagogical...

  3. Oct 05 2015

    B2 Scholars: Creating a culture of transformation within the two-year college biology community

    B2 Scholars are biologists and biology educators at two-year colleges who demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing their teaching practices by developing their individual scholarship in such...

  4. Oct 05 2015

    Grounding your Biology: InTeGrating Geology and Biology

    Participants in this faculty mentoring network will adopt data-driven interdisciplinary modules that address sustainability and climate change for their courses. We will work together in an online...

  5. Oct 05 2015

    Incorporating more quantitative reasoning into introductory biology courses

    This faculty mentoring network will provide participants with a strategy to incorporate more quantitative reasoning skills into their introductory bio classroom. We will work together to find ways...

  6. Oct 01 2015

    Managing collaborative undergraduate research

    Participants of this faculty mentoring network will meet at BEER2015 to learn how to utilize QUBES to help manage your current undergraduate research, classroom-based research, or undergraduate...

  7. Sep 01 2015

    Teaching quantitative biology with agent-based models and NetLogo

    This faculty mentoring network will provide participants with a basic introduction to teaching agent-based modeling with NetLogo. The goal is to increase faculty awareness of how NetLogo-based...

  8. Jul 20 2015

    Using data-driven modules designed by Dryad Lab in college biology classrooms

    In this network, participants will develop a plan for integrating data-rich, interactive modules into their biology classes. DryadLab is an educational extension of the Dryad Digital Repository, a...

  9. Mar 04 2015

    Populus Faculty Mentoring Network

    In this network, participants were introduced to Populus, a new population genetics simulation toolkit. Participants reviewed existing teaching resources that utilize Populus and developed a...

  10. Jan 19 2015

    Radford University Faculty Mentoring Network

    This group is for faculty at Radford University that participated in a pilot QUBES faculty mentoring network. The purposes of the network are two-fold: to find ways in a variety of courses...