Image analysis is performed using the free, easy-to-use software ImageJ. Instructors don't need special experience with image analysis, or with the particular research contexts, but only a willingness to explore and learn for an hour or two before assigning their students the modules.

Student responses to the modules has been encouraging and positive, and analyses of assessment data from multiple institutions and classroom settings are forthcoming. But just as an example, in one class that did the leaf-cutter ant module, 74% of students said learning statistics was more interesting because of the ant image analysis context than it would have been otherwise, and no students said it was less interesting (i.e. 26% said it was no more or less interesting). Imagine the difference in your classroom if 3/4 of the students became more interested to learn!

This work is funded by the National Science Foundation's Improving Undergraduate STEM Education program, under grant DUE-1431671.