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Publish your best work in ASM's premier, open-access science education publication. Submissions to the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) are peer reviewed on a rolling basis. All issues of JMBE are indexed in PubMed Central, Cross Ref, and DOAJ.

December 2016 Issue! 

Volume 17, Issue 3 – the newest issue from JMBE – has published. The 35-article issue is introduced by an editorial from JMBE editor-in-chief Samantha L. Elliott, Ph.D, that seeks support from the community to keep microbiology as a mandatory component of the nursing curriculum. Within the issue, readers can expect late-breaking abstracts from the 2016 ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, research on student misconceptions, a guide for assessing a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE), and a vetted statistics module for the classroom. There are over ten innovative, easily-implemented classroom and laboratory activities on topics such as quantitative modeling, using Twitter as a teaching tool, and much more. The issue also includes a discussion of ASM’s Science Teaching Fellows online course structure and its impact on participants.

For the complete Table of Contents, visit: Volume 17, Issue 3 

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