The following projects/partners have a community college focus.

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BioQuest Curriculum Consortium

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium (BQCC) is a community of scientists, educators, and learners of all ages who are interested in supporting biology education that reflects realistic scientific practices.


BioQUEST has a 30 year history of educational innovation emphasizing effective uses of inquiry, technology, and participatory models of curriculum development.

Partner Liaison:

Kristin Jenkins

QUBES Liaison:

Kristin Jenkins




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CC Bio INSITES is an NSF-funded network that aims to increase and support community college instructors' investigations into teaching and learning biology.

The network consists of Biology Education Researchers at two and four-year institutions who come together to discuss and improve community college scholarship and teaching in biology.

CC Bio INSITES Liaisons:

Lisa Corwin and Jeffrey Schinske


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Montgomery College Quantitative Biology

Montgomery College Quantitative Biology is a workspace for biology faculty at Montgomery College to share ideas and resources for incorporating quantitative skills in biology courses across all three campuses. This group is open to the public.

Resources may be found in collections. Planning for specific courses may be found in projects. Discussions about quantitative activities, quantitative skills, and pedagogical approaches are found in the forum.

Contact Kristin Jenkins to learn more.


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National Association of Biology Teachers

The National Association of Biology Teachers is the “leader in life science education.” Since its inception in 1938, thousands of educators have joined NABT to share experiences and expertise with colleagues from around the world, keep up with trends and developments in the field, and grow professionally.

Two-Year College Section

Katrina Marcos, Chair
Western Wyoming Community College
2500 College Dr.
Rock Springs, WY 82902


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Northwest Biosciences Consortium

The Northwest Biosciences Consortium (NWBC) is a community of biology educators in the Pacific Northwest who aim to adopt the Vision and Change A Call to Action initiative and create modern, student-centered, integrated, and investigative introductory biology experiences for all students.

The NWBC is creating a series of learning outcomes and customizable modules that can be incorporated into any first-year or introductory biology sequence that reflects the NWBC's commitment to scientific literacy for majors and non-majors alike. The NWBC also fosters professional development, provides support, promotes dissemination, and facilitates curricular reforms at our institutions.

NWBC Liaisons:

Anne Kruchten and Stacey Kiser