Building a Collaborative Space for Teaching with Quantitative Data

A space for collaboration and development of data-centric teaching approaches


The broad vision for transforming undergraduate biology education and promoting scientific literacy includes the development of quantitative skills as a central tenant to understanding the process of science. A great deal of progress has been made in the collection, sharing, and discoverability of biological research data as a public resource. Access to data is no longer the primary factor limiting its use in undergraduate classrooms and great strides have been made in developing teaching resources that use authentic data.


This network focuses on promoting quantitative education through expanding the adoption of data-centric resources and facilitating large-scale collaboration on approaches to classroom implementation. We aim to apply the open educational resources (OER) life cycle framework to strengthen the implementation and adaptation phases of these resources.


DIG Leadership Team

Kaitlin Bonner
St. John Fisher College

Kristine Grayson
University of Richmond

Arietta Fleming-Davies
Arietta Fleming-Davies
University of San Diego