Suggestions for updates and changes

  1. Sam S Donovan

    In the process of posting the biobytes I came up with a list of things that I need to do to fix them up. 

    1. Say more about Serenity and how it can be used to support reproducibility.
    2. Add additional resources and ideas for extensions of each biobyte.
    3. Share some of the data collected when running the biobytes activities at the 2019 BQ meeting.
    4. Maybe say something about the shared design features of biobytes?
    5. ...

    I hope to work on this over Fall semester. I'd be interested to hear if you have suggestions for updates and changes. 

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  2. Kristine Grayson

    Megan Jones adapted BioByte #1 for the NEON FMN and we are using it in the HHMI FMN too:

    For the HHMI FMN, I made a couple of quick changes (mostly trimming concepts H – J from the mapping part to make it smaller). I was thinking about having participants make their maps live in the Google Slide, and I have pre-loaded the array of letters for each participant so we can literally see the letters filling the concept space (we have small groups): 

    Do you think folks will be too shy to be honest in a Google Slide? I think most folks will access the folder anonymously with Google animal labels, so we won't be able to see exactly which folks are placing letters in specific places, but someone still might feel group pressure about their skill level. 

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback!



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