These resources guide students through a conservation case study on managing animal populations under threat from poaching. Student can learn about DNA profiling (or fingerprinting), how population sizes are measured, genetic bottlenecks, and how sound travels, as they explore several interactives and videos based on actual research on elephants.

HHMI BioInteractive Elephant Resources:

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Scientists at work: Selection for Tuskless Elephants

CSI Africa: Tracking ivory poaching: Annotated Science paper, click and learn interactive, and data point

Educator Publications:

Many instructors modify and expand HHMI BioInteractive resources based on their course context and students, and QUBES offers a space to share these materials and teaching approaches. 

In this activity students explore and analyze real, authentic research data paired with HHMI’s “Selection for Tuskless Elephants” video in a hands-on investigation of human impacts on elephant evolution.
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