The NIBLSE community is coordinating a set of activities designed to support the integration of bioinformatics across the undergraduate biology curriculum [read more about NIBLSE goals here]. There are a variety of ways that you can contribute to this effort including: 

Join the NIBLSE community

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Use NIBLSE-recommended learning resources

Visit the NIBLSE Learning Resource Collection to view and download high quality bioinformatics lessons for use in life science classrooms. [Learn more]

Submit or recommend a learning resource

There are many high quality learning resources that address bioinformatics learning outcomes, but they are often difficult to find and use for non-specialists. If you have developed learning materials that you would like to share or can recommend an available exercise to others, NIBLSE wants to know about it. If you would like to refine a learning resource that you have used in your teaching, submit your materials for inclusion in a NIBLSE Incubator. [learn more]

Volunteer as an Incubator participant

Each new incubator recruits participants who are interested in contributing to the development of a learning resource. Participants with diverse backgrounds are needed to help ensure that the revised materials are accessible to a broad educational audience. Are you looking to contribute to an education project? Then volunteer to be an incubator participant. [learn more

Follow an active incubator

To help align learning materials with the NIBLSE bioinformatics core competencies and support their use by non-specialists NIBLSE organizes incubators where small groups of faculty collaborate to refine existing learning resources. You can follow the activity at an incubator so that you will be the first to know when new resources are available. [learn more]