Passion-Driven Statistics is an NSF-funded, multidisciplinary, project-based curriculum that supports students in conducting data-driven research, asking original questions, and communicating methods and results using the language of statistics. The curriculum supports students to work with existing data covering psychology, health, earth science, government, business, education, ecology and more. From existing data, students are able to pose questions of personal interest and then use statistical software (e.g. SAS, R, Python, Stata, SPSS) to answer them. The e-book is presented in pdf format for ease of use across platforms. It can also be customized by downloading and editing the .iba file using the free “iBook Author” software.

For more information, contact Lisa Dierker, or check out the Passion-Driven Statistics website at

Passion-Driven Statistics

Lisa Dierker

Version: 1.0

E-book in .pdf format and customizable .iba format
statistics, textbook