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  1. Kristin Jenkins

    From Kristi Hannam (SUNY Geneseo):

    1. #AcademicTwitter has been full of recommendations and resources for transitioning to online teaching this week.  Here are a few:
    2.  - biological datasets and case studies focused on research studies. Some cases are targeted to K-12, some to undergrad audiences.
    3. Edpuzzle - a free tool integrated with YouTube that allows instructors to embed analytical questions within the video content. Students can't advance the video w/o answering the question. The videos can be incorporated into Canvas. Find it at: 
    4. Hypothesis has made their online annotation tool available to add to any LMS. It allows collaborative annotation of a text (sounds humanities-y, but could be useful for seminar-style "discussion"/annotation of journal articles). find more info at:   
    5. - interactive simulations in the sciences
    6. some suggested class project/assignments using online resources:  assigned Wikipedia edits, fact-checking podcasts

    Not all of the suggestions below are from scientists, but there are good ideas here:

    1. A googledoc of resources: 
    2. a blogpost with lots of ideas of effective tools to use online:
    4. if you are on twitter, check out the hashtags #covidclassroom & #covidcampus for more ideas.

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