Please make your travel plans to DC, noting that our grant will support your travel to the meeting with approximately $400 (see below).

The bulk of the Summit will take place at the AAAS Headquarters, however, we will have a Thursday evening networking dinner at the designated hotel, the Embassy Suites Convention Center Hotel near the AAAS.  A lobby reception will be available from around 5:30.  Dinner is at 6:30 with a speaker on network assessment.  You will be sent more information about registering at the hotel after I receive a contract, so please DO NOT make your hotel reservations yet.

The grant for this Summit will provide the following:

            Support for one person from each Incubator award.

            Support for two people from each Full award.

            That support includes:  2 nights at the DC hotel (Thursday and Friday);

                                                     Dinner Thursday night (Friday dinner on your own)

                                                     Breakfast Friday and Saturday mornings (comes with the hotel)

                                                     Lunch Friday at the AAAS

Travel and incidentals support---currently travel support will be at least $400---but this amount will increase if there are fewer participants and if the costs of meals and hotel rooms are lower than expected.  The plan is for all participants who are seeking travel support to be paid the same amount---this is to minimize the paperwork at my institution.  You can use the funds to purchase meals, parking, airfare, train fare, cab fare, or incidentals.  You will receive these funds after you return home from the meeting.  (If the travel support amount remains under $600, you won’t receive a 1099 form.)  So, you won’t have to submit receipts, but you should keep them for your own tax purposes.  My hope is that your RCN-UBE project can pay for whatever expenses you might incur above and beyond the amount this grant can provide.  If you have any questions or concerns about your travel costs, please contact me.  Thanks.  Gordon