The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) project at BioQUEST and QUBES is focused on increasing the incorporation of UDL practices in post-secondary science and math education.  There is a great deal of information about effective uses of UDL in K-12 education, but awareness of these practices is low in post-secondary settings.  Post-secondary instruction must adapt to the changing demographics of post-secondary students including more diverse cultural backgrounds, different educational preparation, and students in different life stages.  Incorporating UDL in instructional practices has the potential to simultaneously increase student success and decrease faculty angst about inclusive teaching. This project will build on the BioQUEST community’s commitment to transformational teaching, using evidence based practices that promote inclusive and equitable educational opportunities.  An advisory board comprised of members of the UDL community will guide this project.  The project will include an online community and resource center, virtual and in person professional development opportunities, and research on the unique aspects of incorporating UDL in post-secondary science and math education.


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