BEDE Network Meetings

June 2023

Our most recent annual meeting was held from June 12-14 at Denison University in Granville, OH. Twenty-three participants attended in person with additional participants attending remotely. The theme of this year's meeting was designing curricular maps to effectively scaffold data science skills into undergraduate biology courses. On the first day, participants were given the opportunity to identify ways in which data science skills could be incorporated into syllabi for courses they are designing or revising. An activity on making data science more inclusive and equitable rounded out the first day of activities, followed by a nature walk at Denison’s Biological Reserve. On the second day, initiatives revolving around quantifying data science skills across curricula were discussed in the morning. In the afternoon, participants self-organized into groups to work on various “subcommittee” initiatives, including curriculum mapping, BEDE Network governance and norms, workshop planning, and ways to assess data science skill learning outcomes. These conversations were continued on the third day, alongside a concurrent workshop led by Dr. Sarah Supp (Denison University) to support local educators interested in learning data science skills and pedagogical techniques. Sixteen learners from 7 different colleges and universities attended the workshop. Another successful meeting completed – looking forward to meeting again next year! Photo credits: Dr. Nate Emery, UC Santa Barbara (right); Joseph Leija, Denison University (left)

BEDE Network group photo

BEDE Network group meeting

August 2022

We, the BEDE Network, held our inaugural meeting on August 12-13, 2022, at the Palais des congrès in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Our meeting coincided with the joint meeting of the Ecological Society of America and the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. Our theme for this meeting was "Inclusive Pedagogy and Bridging International Borders". On Day 1, guest speaker, Dr. Laura MacDonald (Associate Professor, Hendrix College) guided participants through exercises that empowered us to be more inclusive in the classroom. On Day 2, participants discussed myriad ways in which we teach data science in the classroom, multinational needs for data science education, and the next steps to move our Network forward in the months and years to come. The meeting was attended by approximately 30 in-person and 30 virtual attendees from various institution types and backgrounds. Photo credits: Dr. Erika Crispo, Pace University

Dr. Laura MacDonald guides participants through exercises.

Participants seated around a table discussing ways in which we teach data science in the classroom.