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*People who visit your group may be interested in building a connection to your community. The goal of this page is to provide them with a few simple ways to make that connection. We have provided several suggestions but you should change the list to reflect any other opportunities you would like to share. Additionally, this template calls for "Joining the Group" and "Resources" pages. If your group does not have these pages, you can find templates in the Partner Support Project.

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There are lots of ways that you can participate in the Ciliate Genomics Consortium:

Getting Started 

This page has information about joining the group, participating in the forum, and using collections.

Check out our Resources *Link to your group's "Resources" page

*Here, you might want to display a subset of your resources as publication cards.

Ask a Question in the Forum 

Post to the forum to ask a question or introduce yourself. Check out the discussion and join in!

Looking for Volunteers?

*This is a customizable section where you might suggest members review materials, contribute materials, facilitate groups, etc.