Welcome to the CRISPR in the Classroom Network!

We are an NSF funded RCN project focused on expanding the current undergraduate laboratory curriculum to include CRISPR-Cas gene editing technology. The objectives of this project include the development of a national network of biology educators at both two- and four-year institutions dedicated to the development and implementation of laboratory activities centered on experiential-based work with CRISPR-Cas.

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Project Goals:

• to develop a national network of biology educators of two-year and four-year undergraduate degree granting institutions dedicated to spreading effective curricular modules for the classroom and laboratory activities centered on experiential-based work with CRISPR-Cas9.

• to facilitate a series of workshops and mentoring activities designed to provide instructors, postdocs, and graduate students the skills, support, and confidence needed to introduce and implement CRISPR-Cas9- based modules in undergraduate classrooms.

• to establish an online repository of proven CRISPR-Cas9-based modules across a variety of model systems for instructors with “ready-to-use” curricular elements to adapt for their own specific pedagogical needs using the NSF-supported QUBES platform.

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