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Feeling stuck getting started?

Feeling stuck creating your Data Nugget? Here are some of our favorite resources to help you get started.

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  • To make a Data Nugget based on your own data, download the experimental data Template and look over the items necessary to create one. Text in red must be provided by the researcher, along with images of the research being conducted, a table of data, and graphs or figures of the data.

  • To submit your Data Nugget for review, fill out our Google spreadsheet or email the completed Microsoft Word template to You will hear back from us shortly with comments and edits if necessary.

  • We have developed a new template, specifically for observational data, that can be downloaded here. This template provides students with background information and an observational dataset, and then challenges them to develop their own questions, hypotheses, and experimental design. This template is a perfect fit for citizen science and long-term datasets!

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