There are lots of ways that you can participate in the ESA group:

  1. Use the ESA educational materials [more]
  2. Ask a question in the forum [more]
  3. Work with collections of related materials [more]
  4. Create a collaborative workspace [more]
  5. Share your educational materials with other interested faculty [more]

Use the Materials

To directly access the ESA education-related materials, visit the Resources page from the main menu.

Ask a Question

There are forums where threaded discussions are going on.  They are moderated.  Check out the discussion and join in!

Work with Collections of Related Materials

Collections are a quick, easy, and visual way to archive and share materials with users (think Pinterest).  On QUBES Hub, you can follow existing collections of ecology-related educational materials, add to an existing collection, or create your own collection.

Related materials can include links to an original research paper, books on technology and education, and student-friendly software.

To be notified when new posts are made to a collection you can "follow" it by clicking on the "Follow" button in the upper right hand corner of the collection.  New posts will show up in your Dashboard's live Collections feed.


Create A Collaborative Workspace

Projects are collaborative workspaces that facilitate file sharing and group work.  Projects feature a variety of functions that support group work, including a to-do list management that allows users to assign tasks to group members.  Start a project now!

Share Your Educational Materials with Other Interested Faculty 

Resources are a formal way to share and archive finished products with users.  Resources keep track of a lot of analytics that could be useful, such as # of downloads, ratings and reviews, people can ask questions, etc.  Use the "Start a Contribution" link inside Resources to submit your resource.

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