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Decoding, Critiquing, and Creating a Graph from the Ground Up

By Kiersten Newtoff

Montgomery College

Students decipher a published graph with little supplemental information and are given more details in pieces before producing a new graph that displays the data more effectively and is easier to digest.

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Stem Cells in Planaria Regeneration and Wound Healing

By Aylin Marz, Jennifer Buntz, and Susan Meiers

Discussion questions to help guide students examining a graph of number of mitoses vs time for planaria injured or had amputations of their tails.

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Maternal transmission of microbiome

By Tamar Goulet and Sharon Maureen Homer-Drummond

Understanding the cascading effects of the transfer of maternal microbiome during a vaginal birth (vs. a c-section) to the well-being of a newborn.

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Exploring the Ecology of Gorongosa

By Jennifer Carmichael

San Diego Mesa College

Students learn about bottleneck events, population demographics and growth, ecological niches and competition, food chains/webs and ecological disturbances through past and current data on Gorongosa National Park.

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