Developing and using molecular case studies at the interface of Biology and Chemistry



What is Molecular CaseNet?

A community of educators and scholars, developing and using molecular case studies at the interface of biology and chemistry.

The goal of this community and resources developed/shared here is to promote exploration of the molecular basis of biological phenomena, understanding real world problems, and developing solutions at the interface of biology and chemistry.

What is a Molecular Case Study?

These case studies explore the molecular basis of topics in biology and chemistry. They introduce students and teachers to molecular visualization and analysis of these topics, and engage them in using authentic research data from molecular open access biological databases, and mainstream bioinformatics tools. Each case is modular, interdisciplinary, adaptable to different curricular contexts, and completes at least one Molecular Case Study cycle. Explore examples.

Why should you connect with Molecular CaseNet?

Educator Benefits:

  • Access to interdisciplinary molecular case studies for free (open educational resources)
  • Opportunities to engage students in exploring molecular structures from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and a variety of open access biological data resources
  • Connection with a community of educators developing and  using molecular case studies
  • Professional development opportunities

Student Benefits:

  • Introduction to authentic data resources
  • Opportunities to experience the scientific method (including the possibility to collaboratively author molecular case studies for submission to Molecular CaseNet)
  • Engaging and real-world examples of concepts and skills learned in biology, chemistry, and other disciplines

How to connect with Molecular CaseNet?

  • Browse through the Molecular CaseNet website to access molecular case studies for free
  • To develop new case studies or share adaptations
    • Join a Molecular CaseNet Cohort - write to Shuchi Dutta.
    • Join an QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) or a Biome working group.

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