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What to Submit

The NIBLSE Learning Resource Collection is actively soliciting bioinformatics materials appropriate for undergraduate students; materials used for advanced high school courses or for introductory graduate courses may also be appropriate. Learning resources should advance the goal of integrating bioinformatics essentials into undergraduate life science education as elaborated in the NIBLSE Core Competencies. Submitted materials could be appropriate for a stand-alone introductory bioinformatics course or for integration into biology courses at the introductory, intermediate, or advanced level. Some examples of desired learning materials include computational exercises, case studies, multi-week “laboratory” modules, PowerPoint presentations, and instructional videos.

The submitted learning resources do not need to be "publication ready" but should be developed enough to be accessible to a community of interested colleagues. If you wish to participate in an NIBLSE Incubator, you will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to refine and enrich the materials  - making them more accessible to the teaching community at large. Following incubation, learning resources are typically good candidates for inclusion in the CourseSource bioinformatics collection (Ryder et al., 2020).

Required Materials

Learning Resource: You will need to submit an electronic copy of the material to be included in the incubator. A MS Word document (or other easily edited format) is preferred because it will be easier to revise and adapt. However, PDFs or links to online resources are also acceptable.

Notes for use of the Learning Resource: Submit any teaching notes, including instructions on classroom management, background readings for instructors, or links to external resources. Again, a Word document is preferred, but PDFs are acceptable.

You will be asked to upload your files after completing the online submission form. If possible please create a zip file archive if you have multiple documents to upload.

Information Required to Complete the Submission Form

We recommend that you print this PDF to help you draft and organize the submission information. Once you have the submission information organized, complete the actual submission form.  

Review Process

Following submission, at least two reviewers will evaluate each resource using our Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI) to ensure that:

  • The learning goals of the resource align with one or more NIBLSE core competencies.
  • The learning resource and support materials meet minimal criteria for content quality, motivation, presentation design, reusability, and inclusiveness (as described in the NIBLSE LORI).
  • The submission form has been properly completed.

Following this review, the submitted learning resource will be:

  • Added to the Resource Collection and recommended for submission to CourseSource if superior in all respects,
  • Added to the Resource Collection and recommended for an incubator if it meets all minimal criteria, or
  • Returned with comment if improvement is needed in one or more aspects.

Resource Review Committee

The NIBLSE Learning Resource Collection and Incubators are coordinated by the NIBLSE Resource Review Committee.