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Network for Integrating Bioinformatics in Life Science Education (NIBLSE)

 Resource Review Committee

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What is the Resource Review Committee? NIBLSE established the committee to solicit and review curricular materials and professional development resources to assist undergraduate educators seeking to integrate bioinformatics into the life science curriculum. The committee's charge is (1) to identify and publish materials that have already been implemented, evaluated, and refined by current NIBLSE members and (2) to establish and implement an active online solicitation and review process, inviting submissions from NIBLSE members that align with the NIBLSE core competencies. All resources vetted and approved by the Resources Review Committee are posted in the Learning Resource Collection on the NIBLSE site.

Do you have a bioinformatics-related learning resource that could benefit from further refinement in a collaborative environment?

Are you willing to help colleagues to refine their learning resources?

  • If you wish to contribute to the NIBLSE community by participating in a NIBLSE Learning Resource Incubator, please fill out this online form.

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If you desire additional information, you can contact the NIBLSE Resource Review Committee at rrc@niblse.org