NIMBioS initiatives focus on the enhancement of education at the interface between mathematics and biology and promote cross-disciplinary approaches to science at all levels

NIMBioS is a National Science Foundation Synthesis Center supported through NSF's Biological Sciences Directorate via a Cooperative Agreement with the University of Tennessee.  Supporting cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research at the interface of mathematics and biology, NIMBioS offers a range of fellowships for visiting scientists and educators each year.  Primary goals of NIMBioS are to foster the maturation of cross-disciplinary approaches in mathematical biology and to foster the development of a cadre of researchers who are capable of conceiving and engaging in creative and collaborative connections across disciplines to address fundamental and applied biological questions.

QUBES Project

The mission of the Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis (QUBES) project is to improve learning opportunities for all students enrolled in undergraduate biology courses by reflecting the centrality of quantitative approaches in modern biology [more info about QUBES]. One of the ways that QUBES promotes quantitative approaches is by partnering with existing projects and communities to facilitate the discovery and use of their materials [more info about partner projects].

NIMBioS / QUBES collaboration

NIMBioS and QUBES have joined forces to:

  1. Raise awareness of the NIMBioS educational materials within the QUBES community
  2. Use the QUBES Hub collaborative tools to promote conversations about, and collaborations around, the NIMBioS materials