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About Us

QUBES is a community of math and biology educators who share resources and methods for preparing students to use quantitative approaches to tackle real, complex, biological problems.

The QUBES organization was launched in 2014 to address these challenges, and now provides logistical, intellectual, and community support for innovative quantitative biology education projects and the extended community of instructors seeking resources.

We have adopted a virtual synthesis center model to serve that community, providing a cyberinfrastructure and associated social infrastructure to support collaborations between producers and consumers of educational reform resources.

Via the QUBES platform, partner projects have been able to leverage the scientific collaboration infrastructure and community resources to address hard problems in biology education. Faculty in the QUBES community have access to partner project resources, computational tools, and professional development programs to help them use resources more effectively.


- Meet the Team -

Many of our team members are part of multiple areas of focus within the QUBES organization. Click on our various areas of interests to learn more about them and who is part of that team.

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Pam Bishop Project Evaluator

Image of Pam Bishop

Director of the National Institute for STEM Evaluation and Research.

Nicole Chodkowski QUBES Postdoctoral Researcher

Image of Nicole Chodkowski

I help run Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs) and train mentors to lead their own FMNs.

Elia Crisucci Community Engagement Manager

Image of Elia Crisucci

I help QUBES Partners get the most out of the QUBES infrastructure.

Sam Donovan Director of OER

Image of Sam Donovan

I hope that you will find ways to use QUBES resources in your classroom and to pursue your teaching scholarship.

Carrie Diaz Eaton Director of QUBES Alliance

Image of Carrie Diaz Eaton

I work across communities to build the QUBES Alliance, work with the QUBES Leadership Team to help these partner-stakeholders reach their goals.

Gabriela Hamerlinck QUBES Postdoctoral Researcher

Image of Gabriela Hamerlinck

I helped run FMNs and train mentors to lead their own FMNs.

Kristin Jenkins Director of BioQUEST

Image of Kristin Jenkins

I manage the business side of QUBES and organize the annual Summer Workshop.

Kevin Kidder Project Evaluator

Image of Kevin Kidder

Evaluation Associate for the National Institute for STEM Evaluation and Research (NISER).

Jenny Kwan Web Designer

Image of Jenny Kwan

I assist with website design for QUBES and partner sites (on QUBES).

Drew LaMar Director of CyberInfrastructure

Image of Drew LaMar

I manage website design and development for QUBESHub and am part of the Hub technical support team.

Sondra LoRe Project Evaluator

Image of Sondra LoRe

Sondra LoRe is an Evaluation Associate for the National Institute for STEM Evaluation and Research.

Hayley Orndorf Universal Design of Learning Manager

Image of Hayley Orndorf

I support QUBES users and partners through technical piloting, support material development, and work on the QUBES Resource system.

Deb Rook Faculty Mentoring Network Manager

Image of Deb Rook

I work with partners to create and run Faculty Mentoring Networks.

Jeremy Wojdak Director of Professional Development

Image of Jeremy Wojdak

I recruit and work with our QUBES Faculty Mentoring Fellows to facilitate their FMNs, and also try to provide faculty with materials to address student math anxiety.

- QUBES Post docs -

As part of its mission to improve quantitative undergraduate biology teaching, QUBES provides a unique postdoctoral opportunity at the interface of quantitative biology, discipline based education research, and undergraduate teaching. Postdocs are based at one of the QUBES PI institutions, but work with the entire team of QUBES faculty and postdocs on a diverse array of projects.

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- Board of Advisors -

Cynthia Bauerle Current

Image of Cynthia Bauerle

Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Biology at James Madison University.

Ahrash Bissell Current

Image of Ahrash Bissell

My work encompasses educational research and technology, pedagogical and curriculum development, assessment, and facilitating interdisciplinary research.

Lester Caudill Current

Image of Lester Caudill

Dr. Caudill is interested in biological and medical applications of mathematical modeling. His current research is focused on using mathematical and computational models to simulate infection spread in hospital wards, with particular focus on the rise and spread of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens.

Linda Grisham Current

Image of Linda Grisham

I am active in several local, regional, and national science advisory boards (including BioQUEST). A primary personal goal is to increase number of students (especially those from unrepresented groups) pursuing STEM careers.

Lou Gross Current

Image of Lou Gross

I have developed over the past two decades a variety of courses, modules, workshops and curricular materials to assist the mathematical and computational training of life science undergraduates.

Claudia Neuhauser Current

Image of Claudia Neuhauser

As director of Research Computing, Claudia oversees crucial resources for compute- and data-intensive research to the University community and external partners, including the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, and U-Spatial.

Judith Covington Former

Image of Judith Covington

Glenn Ledder Former

Image of Glenn Ledder

I focus on the fit between the mathematical model and the biological context. I like to say that "mathematical modeling is the tendon that links the muscles of mathematics to the bones of science."

- Contact Us -

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