Webinar: Join us Tuesday to discuss Coronavirus and undergraduate education

  1. Hayley Orndorf

    From Lisa Scheifele at Build-A-Genome. To view in the BAG Network Forum, visit and join their QUBES group

    Greetings from the BAG Network!

    Join us Tuesday to discuss Coronavirus and undergraduate education

    An online discussion on Tuesday March 31st at 4pm Eastern at:

    We hope that things are well with you all and that you’re all surviving the quarantine and the transition to online education. It’s been a whirlwind! As we move our courses online, we are learning what works and what doesn't and you may be finding that new questions come up. We'd like to invite the network to serve as one place for us to share expertise and resources, and to engage in these conversations together as a community. Some questions that we might want to address include:

    Coronavirus has impacted how you teach, but has it also impacted what you teach? Are you teaching about coronaviruses? What resources are there that are appropriate for science students? [If you'd like some resources, I have added articles and some videos as a collection on our QUBEShub site:  Many are focused specifically on synthetic biology and coronaviruses-it's a great opportunity to add in some synthetic biology teaching! Be sure that you are logged in to access them, and please add and share any additional resources that you have.]

    How have/would students respond to our teaching about coronaviruses? Some students will want to learn as much as they can, but others might want to talk about anything except for the virus, especially as the number of cases go up and our students start to know people who are infected. How can we lean into the opportunity to give students important information while also being sensitive to their experiences and fears?

    How do we support students overall as the quarantine continues? How do we maintain a connection with them, especially if we are teaching asynchronously? How do we support their mental health and well-being as the crisis drags on for at least 6 more weeks now?

    Bring your expertise, questions, and desire for community, and join us online for this conversation. This conversation is open to all faculty whether or not they are already part of the BAG network. Please feel free to invite your colleagues to join our discussion. We look forward to seeing you again!
    Tuesday March 31st at 4pm Eastern at:

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