Science Case Network (SCN) brings together resources of several existing U.S. centers for case studies. SCN engages other biology faculty in using, developing or conducting research on teaching approaches. The network encourages the use of these pedagogies to utilize emerging technologies, data analysis and quantitative reasoning in biology learning. While also, addressing NRC recommendations for problem-based, interdisciplinary biology education.

    SCN encourages and supports the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups: minority faculty and minority serving institutions, community college faculty, graduate students and post docs. All institutional types from a wide range of geographic locations are expected to participate. Recruitment begins with existing case study and PBL centers. The network organizes and stimulates the dissemination of resources, findings, and opportunities, and encourages members to develop new projects and research proposals.

Using Case Studies in Assessment


Science Case Net made a survey to learn if people like case study in "lecture" or on exams. They wanted to know why or why not the professors were using the case studies in either the "lecture" or on exams. From September 10-14th, 2015, their survey was given five days to be completed, taking only 5-10 minutes. They had found case study usage during "lectures" to be normal, but around 60% of the respondents said they did not use case studies in their exams.



Contact any of the liaisons below with questions:

Drew LaMar

College of William and Mary

QUBES Liaison

Pat Marsteller

Emory University

Science CaseNet Liaison

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